Awake to a Dream

O is our love letter to Mykonos. Inspired by an extraordinary year, as an unfamiliar silence settled across the island and wildflowers covered the little coastal footpaths shaped over decades by lovers of Mykonos. Turning inward, we spent time in our homes and with our families, rediscovering forgotten pleasures. And we began to imagine* a place that could capture the essence of that slow time for our guests on their return.

O is an oasis that will reconnect all your senses to the wholeness of life. A supremely stylish luxury beachfront resort for lovers of an intimate dialogue between nature and design. A place whose rhythms align with yours through day, flowing from quiet moments of inner awareness to joyful celebrations of togetherness.

O is at the heart of it all. With its toes in the fine sand of Ornos bay, famously close to Mykonos town. Sheltered from all but a gentle breeze on the ‘island of winds’. Steps away from some of the best waterfront bars, restaurants and a quaint line-up of convenience stores and water-sports concessions.

O is above all a journey of experiences. Here, everything is as slow and sublime as it gets, while at the same time deeply energising. Personalised service and privacy at every turn, poolside relaxation by day and a night-time ambience soon to be legend.

O is a breath of pleasure, when emerging from the spa after a deep dive into wellbeing, tasting Mediterranean cuisine made from seasonal produce farmed on family land, or sampling a rare vintage from our cellar of spirits that rise to every occasion.

How can a place feel like an escape and a return at the same time? One letter that says it all: