Cuisine and service are at the very heart of hospitality in the Myconian Portfolio. As an island family, we have long-standing ties to local farmers and fishermen who supply us with the freshest seasonal ingredients and organic produce from both land and sea. Our culinary culture is expressed in everything we serve, from breakfast to light snacks, in-room orders and of course our fine dining experience.

While our collection sets the highest standard for culinary excellence on Mykonos, the personal passion of our head chef can be tasted in everything that comes out of our kitchen.

The culinary journey begins at breakfast, with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Sometime in the mid-afternoon, running on Greek time, lunch is served from the pool bar. To be enjoyed either poolside, on the deck or even at the beach. It is a veritable feast of fresh fish, lobster or home-reared lamb infused with Mediterranean flavours, with an emphasis on light and delicious specialities.

Drifting back to the deck for a siesta, you may want to find a perch around the Oasis deck a little later, aperitif in hand, watching the sun go down in flames over the horizon as you contemplate making a reservation for dinner at Baloo’s!