Pool & Beach

The seamless connection and flow of energy between pool and beach epitomises the magic of the Myconian O

Pool Area – OASIS

The Mirage is the epicentre of chilled – cool during the day, hot by night. Complimentary poolside treats include fresh ice-teas served throughout the day, as well as spa product testing. Most guests will fall under the spell, lounging all day on soft sunbeds in the shade of palm trees, carried over by light snacks or ice-cold cocktails from the bar, until the decks are cleared at sunset and the Mirage transforms into a magical al fresco nightspot, set to become one of the island’s most exclusive, magical venues for live music and barefoot revelry.


With parasols standing to attention, a running supply of fresh beach towels, and Obar on call for beverages, smoothies and light snacks, Ornos beach is pure paradise for guests of the Myconian O.

Nothing beats an early morning swim when the water’s surface is like a mirror – except perhaps a midnight dip by moonlight. Bask in the sun, caressed by a mild breeze while cool turquoise water laps at the shore. You may lose any sense of time until the day winds down and the Mirage starts making magic of another kind.

Nearby concessions offer a variety of water sports and we can recommend experienced instructors to introduce you to an impressive complement that includes kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, as well as scuba diving.